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Am I eligible for support?
To be eligible to apply for financial assistance, you must have a minimum of two years employment service within the UK Business Supplies Industry. For a definition of the Business Supplies Industry please click below.
What kind of help do you offer?
We can help with essential household bills, with replacement items or repairs such as boilers and we can help support educational needs for furthering your career.
How will my grant be paid?
Quarterly grants are paid directly in your bank account. Emerging and future fund grants will be paid directly to the creditor supplier or contractor.
Why do you need to see my bank statement?
As a charity, we need to ensure that our funds go to eligible people that need our help most. This information allows us to access the whole situation and progress your application fully.
Will I need to pay the grant back?
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No, our grants are not loans and therefore you will never be asked to repay them.
Can I still apply if I no longer work in the business supply industry?
Yes you can still apply as long as you have previously worked in our industry for a period of two years or more.
Who will need to know that I have applied for help?
Our service is entirely confidential and our Grants Committee made up of trustworthy legal Trustees are the only people that will view your personal information.

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