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Please Help Us To Spread The Word!

If you are an employer, you can also help the charity by spreading the word amongst your staff. Here are some ideas of how you can do that you can download this as a poster here):

  • If you have an HR department, please make them aware of the charity.
  • If you have a staff noticeboard or intranet, please make sure one of our posters is on display (download our poster here).
  • When onboarding new team members, advise them that  one of the benefits of employment in the industry is their access to the charity’s support.
  • When carrying out staff appraisals or ‘one to ones’, ensure that team leaders can signpost to the charity where appropriate.
  • Advise any staff on long term sick leave of the charity during welfare contact meetings.
  • Have an internal ‘charity champion’ who can share what the charity can offer (we can help to provide this knowledge!). It may be easier for employees to talk to their charity champion than their line manager.
  • Provide a link to our website on your company intranet so staff can access our services directly.
  • Provide an exit leaflet  featuring the charity when staff are leaving the business so they know  how they can access support if needed.

Do you know of a colleague  who may need our help, even if they have now left your company, or even the industry? If the answer is ‘yes’, please get in touch with them and see if they need  our assistance. If they do, suggest to them that they get in touch with us in confidence.

If you need any further information or would like to speak to someone for further advice please call Liz Whyte on

01924 203338 or email Liz@BOSSCharity.org

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We are here to help. We hope we have given you everything you need in a way that can be easily understood, but if you need anything further, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the information below.

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